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At Shapiro Insurance Group in Jacksonville, Florida, our professional, courteous staff are trained to advise customers in 15 states. Let us help you find the most cost effective car insurance quote, life insurance quote, home insurance quote and business insurance quote.

Today's homeowner is struggling to pay for the quality of homeowners' insurance they want and need. Our highly trained staff at Shapiro Insurance Group can assist you with the answers you need and also provide a free homeowners' insurance quote. We have several policies available that will help you feel comfortable with your coverage. See our Providers page for links to top-rated insurance companies that we represent here at Shapiro Insurance Group.

Florida auto insurance companies must offer customers options to be competitive. Shapiro Insurance Group represents many auto insurance carriers that provide exceptional policy coverage and premiums in the Jacksonville/Fernandina-area and beyond. See our Providers page for links to top-rated auto insurance companies!

Shapiro Insurance Group also offers your business, big or small, complete insurance coverage. We will evaluate your business's needs and how to protect your assets in the event of a loss. Please ask us about a free insurance quote today.

Life insurance and financial security are among the most important things when times are tough. We have life insurance and financial products to help when you need it most. Ask about a life insurance quote today.

The competitive Florida insurance market necessitates online options. At Shapiro Insurance Group, we offer Free estimates and cost savings advice to all our customers. Our multiple line agency has the insurance products and services to meet all your personal and business insurance needs.


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I left a bad review for this company a couple of weeks ago by mistake. This is not the bad insurance company that I meant to leave the bad review. I want to apologize to Shapiro Insurance group if I caused a lost of business for my mistake. Mr. Shapiro's company is the company that I use for my auto insurance needs. The customer service his staff provides is second to none. Mr. Shapiro's staff always will go above and beyond to insure their customers are getting the best possible coverage and quotes. Thank you Mr. Shapiro and I truly apologize for mistaking a world class company like yours for an inadequate company that I thought I was leaving the negative review. Please inform your staff that I truly was mistaken.

— John B.

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