Professional Liability Insurance in Jacksonville, FL

Do you need professional liability insurance coverage?

If insurance coverage isn't confusing enough, it would seem that commercial or business insurance programs have a language of their own. Generally speaking any professional with fiduciary responsibility to someone else or service providing professionals who need liability protection in case of negligence, should not perform their duties without adequate insurance coverage. This would include doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, therapists and other healthcare providers. Professional liability insurance is also applicable to any profession where a client is depending upon the expert advice of the provider, such as a financial advisor or tax accountant. Often these professional policies are referred to as malpractice insurance.

Mistakes and Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Other forms of commercial liability insurance policies provide coverage for the settlement of losses due to errant or unacceptable business practices. Whether an action or lack of action arises from carelessness, mistakes or intent, several niche insurance products can offset the cost of a settlement or adjudicated lawsuit. In business cases where an owner needs defense for a claim of harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination, even when found innocent, the plan's benefits may still be needed to pay for the legal costs of defending the suit for an alleged wrongful act. Likewise, unique errors & omissions liability coverage can protect an insured from legal claims due to errors or mistakes, whether the charges are real or alleged.

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